Denesha - The Voice
Denesha is a visionary, an educator, and an HBCU grad (T-S-U)! Currently, Denesha is an independent consultant who specializes in building community facing programs and community engagement. She has worked to publicly address issues such as cultural diversity, health disparities, and violence as a public health issue! Denesha loves using her voice to educate and uplift!In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, cycling, travel, and spending time with her daughters #1922
Nicole - The Connector
Nicole is an optimist. When thinking of a glass as half empty or half full, she tends to see the glass as overflowing. She is a natural connector with a strong desire to open the doors of opportunity to those who may not have access.A self-proclaimed life-long learner, she is passionate about social justice and empowering women to live their best lives. She is a loving wife and mother to an animated son named Rowan.
Nya - The Business
Nya is a Houston native who lives and works to travel. By day she is an international trade expert with 20+ years of experience. By night she is a leader in a global direct sales company. She dreams of retiring with a condo on the beach, supporting her nieces and nephews through college and strives daily to create impact and leave a legacy of servant leadership. Her motto is changing lives around the globe one woman at a time.
Thea - The Soundtrack
Thea is an energetic and focused child of God who is fully aware of the gift of grace she receives every day. She believes that passion and a healthy dose of self-awareness are the building blocks for any successful endeavor. She strives to be a good sibling, god-mother and friend and needs music and a good laugh everyday to stay in her ‘happy place’! If she's not engaged with her staff, you can find her reading, listening to Prince or watching Law and Order-SVU reruns.
Carrie - The Knowledge
Carrie is a St. Louis native on a journey. Her story begins with a rewarding career in medicine where she is able to care for others. She seeks freedom through her many travel adventures. Every city, country, and continent is part of her cultural evolution. Her passions in medicine and travel have come together to create a new phase in life. She strives to see people as they are and put humanity first. Who she is today is aspirational, but she’s here for it!

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