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Life in the Middle



What is life REALLY like for African-Americans living In the Middle?  

What does In the Middle really mean (class, geography, spirituality, family)?

What are OUR stories?

And how do we navigate life In the Middle?

Join Denesha, Nicole, Carrie, Thea, and Nya as we explore the

individual stories that form our collective narrative.


We are a group of 5 professional women of color that provide Mentorship, Friendship, Authenticity, Connectedness, and Community to each other and other people of color.
Our Brand - We are a group of black women endeavoring to live our most authentic lives... In the Middle.
Our Mission - Use our voices to SHOUT Softly, LIVE Proudly, and EVOLVE Intentionally.
Our Vision -  To Speak and Move Freely in every Space We Occupy.

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